Magica Mistica Musica 2023

Magica Mistica Musica is an immersive festival in the Grecanica area, in the province of Reggio Calabria.

“A whirlwind of emotions among the hills of myth, lost in rhythm, under the burning starry sky, we found ourselves new after the collective ritual. Mount Etna erupted in the distance and within us simmered the feeling. This festival was the fruit of will: so many different souls came together to create magic, and in this sacred land we kicked off an experience of sharing and love, research and deepening, entertainment and reflection. Friends from all over Italy (and the world) came together under the sign of the Purple Sun, put themselves out there, explored their limits and shared their experience to create something unique, much needed.”

Music – Davide Ambrogio
Footage – Pierpaolo Casile
Edited by us.